Broyna (Bea) Ortman

photo of Eric Longbottom Grand Canyon

Bea’s career journey has led her to the travel industry, where she has happily been active for almost 30 years. Before she discovered her passion for travel, Bea held a variety of service-related positions, from waitress/restaurant server to owner of a convenience store, dress shop and bridal shop.

Bea has been with Nagel Tours since October 2012. Seeing awesome sights and visiting new and interesting places has been more fun for her than what she considers should be legal! She feels the most rewarding part of it all is the people she has met along the way.

Having been involved with tours to many places inside and outside of Canada, Bea has visited Alaska, Arizona, California and Baja California, Deadwood, SD, Hawaii, Missouri and Tennessee, Australia and New Zealand, England, Ireland, Italy, and Atlantic Canada.

Bea sums up the Nagel Tours experience:  While on tour, there can be twists and turns that go beyond the road. With the expertise and support of the entire Nagel Team, we work together to provide you with an excellent travel experience. My whole working life has been in the service industry… but this is the best!

Favourite Nagel Tour:  For Bea, it is a toss-up between either the California Pacific Coast Tour or Nashville, Branson & Memphis, although they have all been very enjoyable.