Connie Hendrickson

photo of Eric Longbottom Grand Canyon

A seasoned tour director who has visited 29 countries on 6 continents, Connie’s enthusiasm for travel and love of serving people makes her the ideal guide!  She has raised a family and had a full career in nursing, going on to earn her tour guide certification in 2008.  She has been part of the Nagel Tours team since 2012.

Connie’s goal is to give our passengers the confidence to travel while fully enjoying the shared experience, knowing they have someone with them who is ready to advise and assist along the way.

Connie sums up the Nagel Tours experience: Group travel brings with it safety and companionship that allows people to go far and wide in this beautiful world.

Favourite travel destination:   Ireland – exploring the land of my heritage was deeply personal, almost like a pilgrimage.

Favourite Nagel Tour:  Although Nagel has excellent tours going out in every direction, my choice tour is CROSS CANADA.  Imagine visiting 8 of 10 provinces in one trip!  Cross Canada is an epic journey with many destinations.

Where have you travelled most in your career?:  The Norsk Hostfest in Minot, North Dakota.  This entertainment and cultural extravaganza is the next best thing to actually visiting the five Scandinavian countries it showcases.