Terms and Conditions

At Nagel Tours, we want all of our travellers to be well informed before booking a holiday with us.  Your deposit on a tour confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  Please review the important details outlined below.

How to Book

Call your Travel Agent or Nagel Tours Reservations at 1‑800‑562-9999. Nagel Tours reservation agents are available to assist with your enquiries from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We may also be contacted by email at info@nageltours.com.

Tour Prices

Tour prices quoted are per person in Canadian dollars, based on costs and conditions in effect at the time of publishing, and are subject to change.

Early Booking Discount

A discount of 2% per person is offered on select tours.  Where a discount applies, it is shown with the tour pricing.  To be eligible, you must book and pay your deposit at least 60 days prior to tour departure.

Deposit and Payment

A non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking.  Final payment is due 45 days prior to scheduled departure on most tours.  Tour prices, airfare, taxes and fees are subject to change until paid in full.

FORM OF PAYMENT:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or cheque.

Single Passengers

A limited number of single travellers can be accommodated.  Since hotel rates are per room, the tour price for rooms occupied by one person is higher than those where two or more people share the cost of the room.  On request, Nagel Tours will attempt to find a same-gender match for single travellers who want to share a room.  The single rate will be charged the day your tour is booked.  If a companion is found, your final invoice will be adjusted to the twin-bed price.  Single passengers must be independent travellers who require no additional assistance.


For fly-in tours, we recommend that you first contact our Reservations Office to ensure your chosen tour is guaranteed and that space is available.  It is best to book your tour prior to booking airfare.  Name changes may not be possible or may incur charges.

Out-Of-Town Passengers

Special rates for pre- and post-tour accommodations are available through Nagel Tours.  We will place the reservation and advise the passenger of details for joining the tour.

 For Motorcoach Tours originating in Alberta only:

  • Alberta residents travelling from areas other than where the tour begins, may be eligible for one complimentary pre-tour night accommodation.*
    • Saskatchewan residents starting the tour from Alberta, or Northern Saskatchewan residents joining the tour enroute in Saskatchewan, may receive one complimentary pre-tour night accommodation.*
    • British Columbia residents departing from Alberta are offered one complimentary pre-tour night accommodation.*

    *Offer based on coach tour originating in Alberta, valued over $2,600.00, twin occupancy (two people sharing).  Single travellers may qualify.  Please enquire at time of booking.
    Not applicable on fly-in tours.

CANCELLATION NOTICE:  Notice of cancellation must be received by Nagel Tours in writing.  Penalties may apply.  See Cancellation Charges below.

CANCELLATION CHARGES:  The following schedule of charges will apply based on the date written notice is received.
Tours within North America (not including flights)

Prior to DepartureCancellation Charges
45 days or moreNon-refundable deposit
30 – 44 daysNon-refundable deposit or 25% of total price (whichever is greater)
15 – 29 daysNon-refundable deposit or 50% of total price (whichever is greater)
0 – 14 days100% of total price

Travel Insurance

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Nagel Tours strongly recommends that you purchase and carry proof of adequate insurance coverage, including medical, baggage, and trip cancellation/interruption protection.  It is best to obtain insurance coverage at the time of booking, or as soon as possible after booking.  Insurance must be purchased prior to your date of departure.  Should you choose to decline the travel insurance offered by Nagel Tours, you will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that coverage was offered and declined. 

TRIP CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION COVERAGE:  Trip cancellation/interruption insurance is designed to cover expenses incurred by you and/or your travel companion if you must unexpectedly cancel your trip before departure, or if you must leave the tour early due to a covered reason.  Covered benefits are described in the policy. Please contact our Reservations office for more information.

Tours (involving flights and/or other components)

Cancellation penalties vary depending on the tour, airline, or cruise line supplier.

  • Changes are subject to penalties and service fees.
  • Charges apply to pre- and post-night accommodations and optional tours.

Tour Does Not Include

Gratuities: Leaving tips for waiters, step-on guides, your tour director and driver is a tangible way of showing your appreciation for their work.  Although customary, tipping is voluntary and is not included in tour prices.  Suggested guidelines: Service personnel: 15-20% of the bill but never less than $1.00; Local City Tour Guide: $2.00 per person; Tour Director: $5.00 per person per day; Driver: $5.00 per person per day.

Other charges: The land price of a tour does not include air travel, airline fees, airport or departure taxes, transfers, pre- and post-night hotels, insurance, or any other incidental charges unless otherwise stated.


Nagel Tours and Nagel Coaches are family-owned businesses operated out of Alberta.  Our coaches are modern and equipped with reclining body-contoured seats, air-ride suspension, air conditioning, restroom, public address system, tinted scenic panoramic windows, stereo equipment and video monitors… all designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.  Nagel customized motorcoaches are not available on all tours.  Other newer model motorcoaches may be substituted.

Joining Your Tour/Pick Up Points

Nagel Tours determines pick up points based on the destination and routing of each tour.  Please enquire about time and place of pick-up when making your reservation.  Passengers are responsible for the arrangement and expense of vehicle parking.  Exception: when joining the tour at the Edmonton Inn, complimentary vehicle parking is available.  Please request a parking pass at time of booking.

Seating On The Coach

All seating is subject to availability and is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.  During the tour, you will be asked to change seats in a rotation system.  This is the fairest way to allow everyone access to different views from the coach and make new friends across the aisle.  Single clients are expected to share the second seat with another passenger.  The seat directly behind the Driver is reserved for your Tour Director.  People travelling single or triple sit with others to allow couples to sit together.  In the case of two people travelling separately, but sharing a row, they will alternate the window and aisle seats.

Special Assistance

Travellers should be in good physical and cognitive condition.  Travellers who require special assistance are welcome to join us, however, some tours may present difficulties.  We cannot accept motorized scooters on any tour and some itineraries cannot accommodate wheelchairs – ask at time of booking.  Nagel Tours employees, contractors and/or suppliers are not permitted to physically lift or assist clients into or out of transportation vehicles.  Although we take good care of you on a Nagel Tour, we cannot provide individual assistance to guests with walking, wheelchair, dining or other personal care needs.  Guests who require assistance must tell us directly at time of booking and must travel with a companion who is capable of and totally responsible for always providing the required assistance.

Travel Bags

A small soft-sided carry-on bag is permitted onboard the coach or airplane if carried on by the passenger.  The best dimensions are a maximum of 16” x 12” x 8”.  For your convenience, keep the size and weight of the carry-on to a bare minimum.  Roll‑on bags designed for airline use will not fit into the motorcoach overhead compartment or under the seat.  When applicable, travel bags will be supplied by Nagel Tours and distributed onboard the coach by your Tour Director.


Passengers are limited to one large suitcase per person.  Regardless of its size, your suitcase must not exceed 50 lb./23 kg.  The optimum size limit is 28” high x 20” wide x 10” deep.  (For fly-in tours: because airline restrictions vary, we advise that you contact your airline directly for specific details).

Hotel baggage handling fees for this one suitcase are included in the price of the tour.  Tags for checked bags will be sent with documents prior to departure.  The Coach Driver supervises the transfer of luggage to and from the coach and every effort is made to handle all luggage as carefully as possible.  Nagel Tours cannot assume liability or accept claims for loss or damage to luggage and personal effects due to breakage, theft or normal wear and tear through hotel and group carrier handling.  We recommend that you have baggage and personal effects insurance in place.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE POLICY:  For the comfort and enjoyment of all passengers, consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the coach. 

CANNABIS POLICY:  Applicable to all tours.  Nagel Tours does not permit any person to carry any amount, in any form of cannabis on a Nagel Tour.  This policy applies to both leisure and medicinal purposes regardless of prescription.  Any person found in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the tour and make their own arrangements to return home at their cost.  Full cancellation charges will apply.  For enquiries, please contact us (see Contact Information).

Additional Contacts:
U.S. Customs & Border Protection:  help.cbp.gov 1-202-325-8000
Canada Border Services Agency:  www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca 1-800-461-9999

Government of Canada Policy:  travel.gc.ca/travelling/health-safety/drugs 

SMOKING/VAPING:  Smoking or vaping is not permitted onboard the coach or at group functions.  Frequent rest stops are made which give passengers the opportunity to smoke/vape.  Room preferences (smoking or non-smoking) must be requested in advance but are not guaranteed. Most hotels are non-smoking.

Environmental Sensitivity

For the comfort of everyone on the tour, we discourage the use of strongly-scented perfume, cologne, after-shave, or personal care products.

Covid-19 Travel Policy

While there are no vaccination or mask requirements on our motorcoaches, there is an ongoing risk of being exposed to COVID-19 whenever we are in settings with other people.  By travelling, you accept this risk and understand that Nagel Tours Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any COVID-19 exposure that you may encounter during your tour, whether onboard the motorcoach or at any of the venues or locations visited.  Nagel Tours Ltd. is not responsible for any additional costs you may incur if your trip is interrupted because of COVID‑19.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.  We strongly suggest that if you are feeling ill, you voluntarily wear a mask and sanitize your hands often while on the coach to help prevent the spread of any viruses.  For more information on actions you can take to help protect yourself and others from health risks caused by respiratory viruses, please visit https://www.cdc.gov/respiratory-viruses/prevention/precautions-when-sick.html.

Departure Dates

Based on over 47 years of operating experience, Nagel Tours chooses the best departure date for each tour, both for value and best customer experience.  When there are multiple departure dates for the same tour, we may have predicted Popular Departure Dates which are most likely to become guaranteed.  Rates quoted are based on the minimum number of participants required to enable operation.  Some departures may be cancelled due to low bookings, availability of an advertised facility, force majeure, or other circumstances.  Should this occur, or if a tour is postponed due to conditions beyond our control (i.e. government advisories or other airline/travel restrictions), passengers will be given the option to transfer to an alternate travel date or have their amount paid placed into a travel credit

Travel credits may be used toward any Nagel Tour and expire 24 months from the date of travel on the original booking.

Itinerary and Schedule Changes

Nagel Tours reserves the right to make changes to the published itinerary, which may be required due to circumstances beyond our control.  The tour organizer reserves the right to make changes before or during the tour for the comfort, convenience, and safety of the passengers.  During local or national holidays, some attractions such as museums, sightseeing tours and shopping may be limited or unavailable.  Itinerary adjustments and/or substitutions may be made accordingly.  We do not accept responsibility for travel arrangements made by other parties, including additional charges or penalties for itinerary changes.


Where a destination has a limited number of hotels, we choose the best available option.  Rooms are allocated by each hotel – if you have a preference (ground floor, near elevator, etc.), please advise us at time of booking.  Requests and room types are subject to availability.  All tour accommodations will have one or two beds. Room categories are: 

Single       – One Person/One Bed      –       Twin–Two People/Two Beds*

Double     – Two People/One Bed      –       Triple-Three People/Two Beds** 


*Twin room:  Some hotels may only offer one double bed.  Please specify at time of booking if two separate beds are required.

**Triple room: A triple room is the same size as a twin room, with one bathroom and two people sharing one of the beds.

Upon request, a rollaway cot may be provided at an extra cost (not included in tour price).  Many hotels do not offer cots due to fire regulations or having a pull-out sofa bed.  If a cot is supplied, payment is made directly to the hotel by the passenger.

Travel Documents

Documents are sent to you or your travel agent after full payment has been received and approximately two weeks prior to departure.  Documents include:  baggage tag, hotel list and information pertaining to your tour.  If your tour is booked and paid in full within ten days of departure, you have the option to receive the documents from your Tour Director or have them express mailed to you for a fee.

Identification/Proof Of Citizenship

Government-issued identification is required for all trips and is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain and carry the proper documentation.  Canadian citizens require a valid passport for travel outside of Canada.  Citizens of other countries or landed immigrants, check with the appropriate foreign consulate for entry requirements.  Nagel Tours is not responsible and will not refund tour fees for any passenger who is denied entry at the border for any reason.  If a passenger(s) is refused entry or detained at the border, they must leave the tour and make their own arrangements to return home at their cost.

Special Dietary Requests

The restaurants, hotels, caterers, and numerous other partners we work with do their best to accommodate special dietary requests.  Some of our partners are better able to fulfill special requests than others.  We cannot guarantee that all dietary requests can be met.  Note that where dietary requests can be accommodated, choices are typically limited.


Nagel Tours and its employees reserve the right to take photographs which may be used for promotions and advertising, online and in print.  By making a reservation with Nagel Tours, we assume you have granted us the right to use your image without compensation.  If you prefer your image not to be used, please notify us in writing on the first day of your tour.

Personal Information

Nagel Tours requires your personal information to process your reservation.  We only share your personal information with third parties such as travel suppliers, authorities such as customs and immigration and health officials as necessary or as required by law.  In all other cases, your personal information is confidential.  Nagel Tours may use your personal information to improve our services and to notify you of other vacations or services that may be of interest.  Please advise us if you do not wish to receive these communications.

Passenger Responsibility

Your responsibility is to sit back and enjoy a carefree holiday.  You must report any condition requiring special attention at the time of booking.  Nagel Tours reserves the right to terminate the trip (at any point) for any passenger whose inappropriate behaviour or conduct adversely affects other passengers, our employees or employees of facilities visited.  Costs associated with unused portions of the trip and returning to the departure point will be borne by the passenger.

Nagel Tours Responsibility 

Nagel Tours works with hotels, transportation companies and other independent parties to provide the services offered.  We cannot be responsible for the acts or omissions of these parties, or anyone other than Nagel Tours’ own employees.  We will not be liable for any loss or damage, illness, injury, or death that occurs because of government actions, force majeure, late arrivals, missed connections or other factors beyond our direct control.

Publication Errors/Updates

Although we try to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, errors or changes can occur.  We reserve the right to correct errors without notice.