COVID-19 Update

September 19, 2023

COVID-19 Travel Policy:  While there are no vaccination or mask requirements on our motorcoaches, masking for all travellers is strongly recommended by the Government of Canada, as COVID-19 is ongoing.  We suggest that you bring an adequate supply of masks, as some businesses you visit during your trip may require that masks be worn.  Nagel Tours follows CDC guidelines which you can view at:

You must be symptom-free and not have tested positive for Covid for 5 days prior to departure in order to join the tour.  While on tour we strongly suggest that if you are feeling ill that you mask voluntarily on the coach to prevent any viruses from spreading.  If you test positive for COVID, you will be asked to leave the tour and isolate.  While we are taking all precautions to ensure safety, there is an inherent risk of being exposed to COVID 19 whenever we are in settings with other people.  By travelling, you are accepting this risk and understand that Nagel Tours Ltd. cannot be responsible for any COVID 19 exposure that you may encounter during your tour, whether onboard the motorcoach or at any of the venues or locations visited.  Nagel Tours Ltd. is not responsible for any additional costs to you if your trip is interrupted because of COVID.

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