COVID-19 Update

March 17 2022

New changes to border crossing testing announced today become effective April 1, 2022.  The Canadian Government will be removing the requirement for pre-arrival COVID-19 testing for returning to Canada for all fully vaccinated people.  You still may be selected for random testing at the border, which may be offered as a take-home test to be completed and returned to a lab within 24 hours.   However, as always, different provinces, states and countries may have different restrictions or guidelines in effect.  The nature of travel right now is that we all have to remain flexible – restrictions could change at any point, including while on tour.  Nagel Tours will continue to make decisions regarding our health and wellness policy based on our concern for the well-being of our guests, staff and attraction/accommodation partners.  This is another welcome step forward for the travel industry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Travel

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What is the maximum capacity on your tours?

Our maximum capacity for our tours is normally 50 passengers.  Currently, our tours may operate at a lower capacity, although as capacity restrictions change the limits on our tours may also change.

What is your COVID-19 vaccination policy for travellers on your tours? Will we need proof of vaccination?

Currently, only those fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to travel with us on all of our tours.  As a reminder, it is also a requirement of the US government for those that would like to travel with us into the United States to be fully vaccinated.  There are currently no requirements for COVID 19 testing to enter the US at a land border crossing.   Please be sure to have an up-to-date copy of your Canada proof of vaccination with QR code which you can get from your home province.  A sample copy of what one looks like can be found here. We will review our vaccination policy as restrictions and requirements change.

Will you do any pre-screening of the people joining your tours regarding COVID-19 symptoms?

Guests on our tours will be required to fill out and bring along a pre-departure Pre-Screening Questionnaire that must be given to the Tour Director before boarding the Motor Coach on the first day of tour. You will receive this form with your pre-tour documents or you can download a copy for yourself here.  If you feel ill or are showing symptoms of Covid-19 before departure, please stay home and travel with us when you are feeling better.

What is your policy regarding the wearing of face masks?

Masking is recommended any time that travellers cannot maintain a social distance of 6 feet.   We will continue to follow all local regulations and protocols on our tours, and in addition will require passengers to wear face masks while onboard the coach at all times.  We also recommend masking in indoor locations while off the coach.  Please bring an adequate mask supply from home – we recommend KN95 or better quality, or consider wearing multiple masks (medical mask + fabric mask).  Masks with ventilation valves will not be allowed, nor will masks that don’t provide a seal around mouth and nose.

What happens if travellers fall ill while on tour?

We will require travellers to self-monitor for symptoms and inform the Tour Director should they begin to feel ill while on tour.  We will have temperature sensor equipment available to check for fever should it be required. Should guests fall ill while on tour, they will be required to isolate from the group and seek medical care.  We recommend that travellers investigate the appropriate insurance coverage for themselves to ensure that they are protected against hardship should they become ill while on tour.  Our reservations agents can help you in this regard if you do not have adequate insurance already arranged – inquire at time of booking.

What will be required of travellers returning to Canada from abroad?

As of April 1st 2022, fully vaccinated people no longer need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result to cross the border into Canada.  You will still need to download the ArriveCAN app from the Apple app store or the Android app store and create an account to upload your information before arrival at the border. If you do not have a smart phone, you can sign in to ArriveCAN on a computer at this website and create the forms to be printed out or emailed before arrival at the border.  People entering Canada may be selected randomly to take a PCR test by border officials.  The requirement for those selected to quarantine until those results are returned is removed.  We will continue to monitor requirements at the border crossings on our tours to make sure that we provide the most up to date information to our guests.

What special precautions will be taken while we are on tour to help provide a safe and healthy environment?

We will continue with our cleaning and disinfecting protocols as outlined in our Extreme Clean Commitment, which you can see here.  We now know that Covid-19 is transmitted predominantly through airborne particulates and the improvements that we have made to our coach heating and air conditioning systems with UVC light disinfection, air filtration and the built-in fresh air recirculation provided on our Motor Coaches helps to ensure the safety of our guests while onboard.  Attractions and accommodations will all have their own protocols that they follow to ensure cleanliness and safety in their facilities as well.