Karen Christian

photo of Eric Longbottom Grand Canyon

I was born and raised in Halifax, NS, one of six children.  Every summer during my dad’s vacation, we would travel.  Mostly within the Maritimes, but eventually it also included Ontario.  In high school I was thrilled to be one of the students lucky enough to travel to Spain and Africa.  Once my schooling was finished and I entered the workforce, I continued to travel with friends during my vacation. 

Realizing how much I loved to travel I continued that custom while raising my own family.  After we moved to Edmonton, AB we travelled throughout western Canada as well as into the US.  We even completed a cross-Canada/US road trip at one point. 

I have held many positions during my career, once in sales, but mostly in administration.  I eventually began working with Nagel Tours and Pat Nagel.  I have been Pat’s Executive Assistant for 17 years (2024) and still enjoy it very much!  While I do not plan the tours, I do work in several areas that contribute to making travel dreams come true for our clients which I find very appealing.