Neil Van der Putten

photo to man in front of sea side town in distance with mountains behind

Born and raised in Atlantic Canada, I have lived in western Canada for the past 45 years.

 My enthusiasm for the outdoors drew me to membership in the Alpine Club of Canada, guiding small group backcountry camping and ski trips, and spending 20 years with the Canadian Ski Patrol, attending to injured skiers in and around the Canadian Rockies. 

I have explored the hidden gems of this great nation, guiding large and small groups across Canada and the Canadian Rockies, and have travelled to over 30 different countries worldwide.  My passion for connecting people to our beautiful landscapes led me to obtaining my International Tour Management Certificate (ITMI).  I love learning and sharing the history of Canada and the USA and can recount many stories of the indigenous people who have always called this region home, along with facts about our iconic wildlife.

 Favourite travel destination: Nepal – exploring its unique culture and meeting their people.

 Best Nagel Tour: Atlantic Canada – being immersed in the culture of the Maritimes.

 Most visited destinations: Utah and Arizona National Parks – experiencing the beauty.

 Neil sums up the Nagel Tours experience:  Nagel Tours will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.