Branson Show Tour – November 2017

On the Big Magenta Coach

Marge and Nancy
On a coach trip did go
Off to Branson
To see many a show

As we travelled through Alberta
We picked up folks here and there
Then into Saskatchewan
Folks came from everywhere

Bea was the Boss ma’am
Told us what to do
Eric was the driver
As over the miles we flew

Bea kept the men busy
Putting up Christmas lights
Us gals put decals on the window
It was a pretty sight

The weather was rather gloomy
As we travelled down the road
But Bea kept us busy
As the miles did unfold

We played games along the way
Chicken House was one such game
We switched seats and got acquainted
Then tried to remember everybody’s name

Another day Bea had us counting cows
And horses, sheep and mules
If anyone outside the bus had heard
They would think we are crazy fools

We played many games of Bingo
As we sped along the miles
Only the ones who yelled Bingo
Were wearing the happy smiles

We had lunch breaks and pit stops
All along the way
And in between Bea gave us
More games to play

At the Country Inn in Watertown
There was no place new to eat
So Bea ordered in pizza
It was a special treat

The Cracker Barrel and Golden Corral
Are unique in their own way
I think our clothes have shrunk
We need exercise wouldn’t you say

At the Kick Back in Drury Inn
There was plenty there to eat
And it was free
So that was really neat

The Branson Belle glided smoothly along
As we all sat down to dine
The entertainment was interesting
The experience was certainly fine

At the Osceola Cheese Outlet
There was lots of cheese to try
And at the Sergeant Floyd Museum
There was a ship from years gone by

We gazed at the art
In the Terry Redlin Gallery
The details and depth
Was amazing to see

The Fantastic Caverns
Certainly were great
The interesting formations
That the mighty water did make

There were places to shop
At the gift shops at the mall
People wanted to shop
Bea was one of them I recall

Finally we got to Branson
For our four night stay
Bea kept us on the run
It was go go every day

The Million Dollar Quartet
With Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash
And that Jerry Lee Lewis
He sure gave that piano a bash

Clay Cooper put on an excellent show
To honour the veterans this November
It was so very emotional
I’m sure we will all remember

The Brett Family together
Seem to have so much fun
Especially the comedian
Good laughs for everyone

At the Silver Dollar City Theme Park
The thousands of lights were a treat
Then the parade was short and cute
The floats were pretty neat

Daniel O’Donnell
Did perform for us
Even though he had been
In hospital with bronchitis

So we shopped at the Mall of America
And rode on our big magenta bus
When we got out of hand
Bea made all the fuss

It’s been a great trip
Long bus ride and all
But we made lots of memories
Lots of memories to recall

So thanks to Bea and Eric
Thanks to everyone
Keep on travelling
Keep on having fun

Composed by: Nancy Giem, Red Deer, AB

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