Cross Canada by Motorcoach – September 2010

I had never seen a purple bus until Nagel Tours picked us up
At Fort MacLeod we did embark to tour our Canada for a lark
And celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We did enjoy our safe driver Ken and the wit of Judy, tour
Director, will never end.

Our fellow travelers made this tour special as we explored the
Rich potential of each place on our itinerary we appreciated the
Running commentary.

The step-on guides were a real hit and helped us enjoy every bit
Of their particular city.

Homeward bound our trip was lit by God’s autumn brush of gold
Red and green; the beauty of which we have never seen.

And as our journey comes to an end, it feels like we have made
some friends.

The pictures taken will help us remember the wonderful days of
this September.

Composed by: Heather Krane, Kimberley, BC