Arizona, Desert and Canyons – February 2010

Nagel Tours is a very good organization
The kind people at their administration
Sent us a catalogue with lots of information
We looked each other and without hesitation
We felt swelling up within us a great sensation
That we might actually go on a vacation
So with determination, we phoned in our registration
And with little negotiation, we received our confirmation
For this trip and started to make preparation
With great anticipation, Lacombe was the location
Where we got on the coach, which is our transportation
After we were all on board, Judy gives the declaration
That we have to abide by certain regulation
Working on a book we get the invitation to use our imagination
Getting to know each other is quite a fascination
With average age of 66 years – 10 months, travelling with us is now
A younger generation, together we make a good combination
With lots of consideration and cooperation
Our communication makes for good conversation
And is a demonstration of our motivation and expectation
Participation is the foundation and gives us real inspiration
We visit many places and get an explanation and clarification
At many a destination
Even being sick, after an examination getting medication
Helps to make this trip a total gratification
And I would like to make the following proclamation:
Judy, for you we have great adoration
And Dennis you have our admiration
Together you show a special dedication
And for all of you we have tremendous appreciation
Therefore we have this great celebration
Let us give Judy and Dennis a standing ovation

Composed by: Gerrit and Dorothy Meindersma, Lacombe, AB