Totem poles and longhouses of Haida Heritage Centre Skidegate BC Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands)- July 17 2018

Nagel has a NEW tour going to mystical Haida Gwaii
Those magical islands which across Hecate Strait lie
Tour originated from home of Stollery Hospital, Edmonton
Where stands a totem pole carved by Haida Ben Davidson

Travelled Yellowhead Highway westerly towards Mile Zero
Marilyn imparted her knowledge to us, all we needed to know
We saw wildlife, historic sites, communities and stands of trees
Followed lakes, crossed rivers, saw videos, caught some ZZZ’s

Made a stop at Mt. Robson Provincial Park, BC’s oldest park
Saw pine beetle destruction, beasties lay eggs under the bark
Overnighted in the rich cultural, vibrant city of Prince George, BC
Their celebrated, official mascot, is the welcoming figure, Mr. PG

Passed Fort Fraser, site of last spike (1914) on GTP Railway
Lunched in alpine-themed Smithers, under mountain Hudson Bay
At Hazelton, BC we visited the K’san Historic Village site
Guided tour of the longhouses, was interesting, gave us insight

Stayed overnight in Terrace, BC, city symbol is the Kermode bear
It is home to the University of Northern BC, established 1975, there
Visited the Nisga’a Lava Bed Park, a simply amazing stop
Toured Nisga’a villages, educational stops, way over the top

Spent night in Prince Rupert, BC, known as the “City of Rainbows”
Ferried across water, saw Skidegate, up close, unloading problem arose
Used Queen Charlotte village as the base for the next three days
The long-awaited visit has just begun, to learn the Haida ways

Visited Haida Heritage Centre, very educational, and Longhouse Gift Shop
Forestry Museum, Golden Spruce Trail, St. Mary’s Spring – thirsty stop
Naikoon Park, Misty Meadows beach, we picnicked, and combed the beach
Old Massett town, Tlell Stone Circle, a geographical marvel, built to teach

Saw Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary, hangout for Sandhill Cranes and waterfowl
Balance Rock, Jungle Beach, Rainbow Wharf, Birdhouse Tree, eagles, NO owl
“Elephant cage” antenna, monkey tree, Tow Hill volcano and the Blowhole
Travelled through “mushroom forest”, saw old totems and memorial pole

Tasted a Haida feast, everything, except dessert, came from the sea or land
Were entertained by Haida dancing, song and music, enjoyed the band
Our time on Haida Gwaii has quickly come to an end, what a pity, Pity!
Ferried back across the water to spend two nights in Prince Rupert City

Visited Sunken Gardens, Museum of Northern BC, and Cow Bay for lunch
Pacific Cannery Historic site, saw Shoe Tree with hanging footwear, a bunch
Travelled the journey west, in reverse, closing the gap to our home town
Stopped at the Ancient Forest, near McBride, excellent stop hands down

Farewell dinner was in Hinton, last night out, time for handshakes and hugs
Laughter and talk, toasts to share, home tomorrow, lift your mugs

Hawaa (Haw’aa) Nagel

Composed by: Vickie Murphy from Airdrie, AB