ferns and tree trunks of forest Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands)- September 9 2019

I especially appreciated the fact that the majority of stops and visits that were made focussed on indigenous communities, history and culture.  I wasn’t expecting that to the extent it turned out to be and was really pleasantly surprised.  That made the bus tour that much more meaningful because, on our own, we would never have had the opportunity to find and fit in all those fascinating glimpses of the past and present of the West Coast.

In particular, I appreciated all the readings that our Tour Director, Marilyn Annis, had been clipping and saving over the years – that was a wonderful bonus.  If some fellow travellers were not as interested in the variety and quality the circulation of articles presented, no problem because those not so interested could just pass them on.

And of course, I should mention the videos that we watched – including the “Lost Spirits”.  That was great – and really enhanced our itinerary both in advance and after our stops.

I thought all the places we stayed were excellent, including the Sea Raven Motel in Queen Charlotte, as it was really well located, served breakfast and dinner and is clearly trying hard to fit into the community successfully.

Composed by:   Susanne Wise, Halibut Bay, NS