Nashville, Branson & Memphis

“Willie Nelson”
‘Twas the 15th of October and we boarded the bus
We’re driving to Nashville without any fuss.
Fifty-five people on a Nagel tour we will go
We will sight see and shop and see many a show.

Most of us are strangers, but before the trip is done
We’ll be laughing with each other and having lots of fun.
Elsie is our tour guide who giggles and tells jokes
Dwayne, our trusty driver, who greets all us folks.

We’ll play games for prizes and eat lots of food
I can already tell that this trip will be good.
We’ll switch seats every day and rotate how we leave
Watch videos, hear music and sleep, I believe.

To get the front seat in the journal you must write
Is this a reward? A punishment? Or an awful fright?
Our passengers are many, and each is unique
There’s Eric who dances each time to his seat.

Lorne helps Dwayne to back the bus up
Some people are drinking. Is that milk in your cup?
In this coach no milk or ice cream is allowed
Following the rules makes for a happy crowd.

Bernie, the first birthday boy, donned Willie’s bandana
We’re ‘On the Road Again’ but not to Montana.
At the Wild Horse Saloon line dancing was taught
Our four swinging ladies were sexy, we thought.

Lena, Shirley and Tracey love shopping, it’s true
Take a look at their suitcases and see how they grew!
Each time we saw a gift shop the women were so glad
If they see another one, the men won’t be sad!

There’s Georgia, Georgina, George and Geraldine
Four Dianne’s who are gorgeous, the likes you’ve never seen!
Harry and Lucy gave chocolate kisses for all to eat
An anonymous person, Geralynn, put peppermints on our seat.

Speaking of kisses, a big one was planted on Tom
Ronnie Prophet liked him and wanted to take him home!
Dale’s guess of our ages was closest to the mark
Ryan is the youngest, and Andy is ‘out of the park’!

Although Andy is the oldest, Yvonne still thinks he’s cute
Max is the thinker; his fast quips are a beaut!
Dapper Keith wears many coats, and Don is the ticket man
Fred went out for Smirnoff, and Leo’s the ‘wanted’ man!

Thirteen states we’ve traveled – from North Dakota to Tennessee
We saw Loretta’s ranch, Graceland and the Grand Ole Opry.
Branson was the favorite place for many of us to see
But ‘What happens in Branson stays in Branson’ according to Gerry!

We saw the Presley’s, the Haygoods and went on the Branson Belle
All of these performances, we thought, were really swell.
We’ve seen tables rising and mustard squirting from a jar
We’ve counted cows and lined up for free booze at the bar!

We’ve heard Y’all and All Y’all so many times it’s true
But ‘Love is on the Horizon’ is the best line for all of you!
Our trip is coming to a close; we’ve all had so much fun
To Elsie and Dwayne, our heartfelt thanks, for a memorable job.
Well Done!.

Composed by:Dianne Langevin, Kamloops; Dale Scherer, Kamloops; Geralynn and Leo Fleck, Provost