Reno Reunion – November 2017

    Nagel Tours was taking their 40th Anniversary Reunion to Reno
Vickie, taking her 40th trip with Nagel Tours did also there go
Tour left Edmonton early, picking up passengers along the way
Weather was not good, it was a cold, wet, icy and snowy day

Tour passed many communities, on to Lethbridge, for tea
Duty-free at Coutts, border crossing into another country
To the east were visible the high peaks of the Sweetgrass Hills
Montana is sparsely populated, but NO state tax on your bills

Travelling along, day’s destination was Holiday Inn, Great Falls
Long travelling day over, passengers hurried along the hotel halls
Passed through Helena, with State’s Capitol copper-topped dome
Travelled through Butte, ore born city, Evel Knievel’s birth home

Tour crossed the Monida Pass and entered the state of Idaho
By-passed Spencer, opal capital of U.S. and saw less snow
Idaho, being a dry state, without irrigation crops would be naught
Passed a geological site, home to the Yellow-bellied Marmot

Had an afternoon break at Garden of Eden, a truly unique spot
Onward, to the tour’s overnight stop, Cactus Pete’s, in Jackpot
Breakfast in Wells, lunch in Winnemucca, with time to play slots
Passed a geothermal plant, steam coming from the ground, in spots

Circus, Circus, Reno was day’s stop, visiting, champagne, and FUN!
T-shirts were worn, group picture was taken, prizes for everyone
Casino-hopped. Got coupons for food and drinks, also cash to play
Harrah’s, in Sparks was first hop, breakfast at Rosie’s, saw goose display

Off to the Silver Legacy, where we saw the replica silver mine
Back to Circus Circus, to get to the casinos we rode the shuttle line
Minden was next day’s first hop. Left early because of fire alarm
On to Virginia City, took a tram tour, enjoyed the Old West charm

Next day, at Diamonds Casino we got water bottles and decks of cards
Cal-Neva was our last hop but no go, we left with their kind regards
Fun-time in the “Biggest Little City in the World” was over and done
Time to retrace route, homeward bound, last stop being Edmonton

Stopped in Wells, where we turned our watches back one hour
Cactus Pete’s, Jackpot was day’s stop, last chance to spin reel power
Tour entered Idaho State at Twin Falls, crossed Snake River Canyon
Morning break in Burley, in the distance we saw Range of the Teton

By-passed American Falls and Ft. Hall, home of Shoshone-Bannock Hotel
Lunch was in Idaho Falls, river’s falls were seen – awesome we yell
Entered Montana State, into the Mineral bearing region of Butte
Saw Our Lady from a different view, continued reverse route

Once again, tour used Holiday Inn, Great Falls, as overnight stay
Passengers enjoyed a wine-cheese reception and called it a day
Last leg of return route today, crossed border into land we call home
Passed Milk River, whose motto is “Under Eight Flags” – history tome

Morning break was taken in Lethbridge – home of Henderson Lake
Tour is slowly ending but there are many more kilometers to make
Passengers were dropped off, here and there, memories brought home
A successful tour for Nagel, and with Nagel Vickie will continue to roam

Composed by Vickie Murphy from Airdrie, Alberta.