Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and Medora Musical – July 2017

Nagel has a NEW tour going to Yellowstone Park and Medora
We packed our bags with sunscreen, bug repellant and a fedora
Tour picked up passengers along the way, meetin’ and greetin’
Hunger pangs were quelled in High River, where lunch was eaten

Claresholm’s museum is Calgary’s Old sandstone CPR Station
Onward, a happy bunch, travelling toward day one destination
Holiday Inn, Great Falls, where there was a welcome reception
Wine and cheese, punch, then dinner and the long day was done

Tour left Great Falls via the very scenic Highway eighty-nine
Mountains, outcroppings, drop offs, rolling hills, stand of pine
Passed towns – Monarch, no butterflies. Ringling, no circus, just land
Lunch was in Livingston at Feed Lot 49 at the Pop Stand

Entered Yellowstone at Gardiner, through Roosevelt Arch
Viewed Bunsen Peak. Gibbons Falls, herd of bison on a march
At Mammoth Hot Springs we hiked down the Upper Terraces
Norris Geyser Basin was an exciting place, fumaroles in masses

West Yellowstone is equal distance from Equator and North Pole
Viewed Steamboat Geyser on way there, the days final goal
Next day back to Yellowstone to view the mud and paint pot(s)
Walked Geyser Trail, behind Old Faithful to see geysers – it was HOT!

Watched Old Faithful erupt, saw Yellowstone Lake – no Trumpeter Swans
Saw Dragon’s Mouth Pool, Mud Volcano, elk, bison, deer, but no fawns
Viewed Yellowstone Falls, higher than Niagara – twice as high or more
Saw Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and visited Canyon Village store

Billings was the lunch stop next day, largest city in Montana State
Saw land of Custer’s Last Stand and an antique car parade – ornate
Entered Wyoming, first state to grant women right to vote
Arrived in Deadwood, tour’s home for two nights – City of note

Mineral Palace had a slot tournament for us, gave us a rubber duck
Watched street entertainment, rode the trolley around – only a buck
Visited Crazy Horse Memorial, saw a video and the ornate gate
Lunch was at Mt. Rushmore, group pix was taken after much debate

Left Deadwood, entered N. Dakota, in Sioux Dakota means friend
Travelled through the Badlands – a new sight around each bend
Rolling hills, deep valleys, rock formations, hoodoos and grass roots
Buttes on buttes, buttes topped with vegetation, many coloured buttes

In Medora we enjoyed a pitchfork fondue dinner – extra for the rum
Then off to Medora Musical – one word describes it all – AWESOME!
Moving along we had lunch once again with the Captain in Weyburn
Weyburn has a statue of Tommy Douglas, look quickly before the turn

Swift Current was last overnight, to Living Sky Casino some made a call
Here the tour made its first drop off of many friends, farewell to all
Tour travelled through the Cypress Hills, fresh from the rain
On the tour we experienced sunny weather in the main

The tour was short, interesting and fun
Congratulations Nagel, job well done!

Composed by: Vickie Murphy from Airdrie, AB.

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